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In most cases, drug trafficking lawyer are attributed to defence persons charged for drug trafficking However, it is becoming more common for officials to take regional wellness tests for drugs other than alcohol. Drugs such as marijuana, benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines can affect your motor skills, reaction time, and awareness, making drug driving a risk to public safety.

Some studies have found that drunk trafficking is extremely common, especially in men under 25 years of age. According to data collected from various regions in Australia:

  • Over 16% of weekends in 2007, drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription or over-the-counter drugs at night
  • About 4 to 14 percent of drivers who were injured or killed in a traffic accident tested positive for marijuana
  • 1% of Maryland licensed teen drivers reported driving under the influence of marijuana on three or more occasions in 2007.
  • 10% of Maryland teen drivers reported in 2007 driving under the influence of drugs other than marijuana and alcohol.

The "per se" law

The drug trafficking lawyer works with the laws on drug trafficking under the influence of drugs vary from state to state. Some of the Australian cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland have passed "per se" laws aimed at all kinds of targets. Preventing impaired driving. Under the "per se" law, it is illegal for a person to be under the influence of any prohibited drug while driving, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Loss Detection

Technology has made it relatively easy for a police officer to determine when you have drunk too much. Blow in the breath analyser and anything over 08 is illegal, which makes you guilty for DUI. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to detect damage by substances other than alcohol. While field withdrawal tests are administered to assess motor skills, this method is not a complete proof method for detecting defects from other drugs.

To address this problem, 44 cities have implemented drug evaluation and classification programs. These programs train police officers to identify drug addicts by looking at specific features in a person's behaviour and appearance. If an officer suspects drugs, blood or urine samples are taken for confirmation.

Role of Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Maximize your chance of success with defence by expert of drug charge offence lawyer, it is also known as criminal defence attorney who specialize in handling drug crime cases. They are well aware of special laws governing the illegal distribution and use of dangerous drugs. The best drug crime defence attorneys have extensive court experience, covering most if not all types of drug offences.

Possession of illicit drugs is far from the worst drug-related crime punishable by law. Individuals who cultivate or produce drugs, as well as those involved in drug trafficking, face harsh judgments in court. It follows that individuals caught with the intent to distribute illegal drugs face more severe penalties than those with a certain amount. The severity of the sentence also depends on whether the defendant has previously been convicted of similar charges.

To make a solid defence, the defence attorney tries to gather as much evidence as possible to support his client's case. These may include medical records, drug test results, and officially obtained polygraph interpretations. Certificates of witnesses and trusted contacts of defendants are also used to strengthen the defence.

Final Thoughts

It is important that the defendant and his drug trafficking lawyer maintain a bond of trust throughout the case. Only when all the facts have been determined accurately can a defence attorney make an effective defence. For more details visit Josh Smith Legal - Barristers & Solicitors.


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